Country Insights & Business Development for Turkey
Country Insights & Business Development for Turkey
Turkish market is not similar to European or American industries. Turkey is not one, solidly unified country. You should consider geogpraphical and demographical realities as long as business, and nowadays, political currents and structures in Turkey.
Global Strateji provides international aspirants with executive level reliable business insights about nearly all the industries and fast, effective business development services in select areas.

Companies who wish to expand their business to Turkey need to know detailed and practical country information.

Turkey has two and half circles. These circles are different from each other.
1- Çorlu- Istanbul-Kocaeli-Bursa circle
2- Ankara-Malatya-Kayseri-Antep-Maras-Adana-Konya circle
3- Izmir-Mugla-Antalya half circle.

You must immeadiately decide which circle is most profitable and most suiting for you, first personally, then organizationally.