Know-How Transfer To Software Projects
Know-How Transfer To Software Projects
Every software development team should have practical contact with and observation of facts or events. Global Strateji, with keenly designed methodology, transfers vaste variaty of experiences to software development projects no matter what stage it is.
Ok, you are not newbie! You study engineering and you know about waterfall or agile software development. You have researched all the Internet and read lots of books on your project. And you are certain about how to design your software.

But you need to be that certain about the practical effects of your software.
Customers are not what you can control in a laboratory environment. And you cannot blame them for not using your software in an inappropriate way! While struggling to reach a practical solution, is not it worthy to listen to a senior consultant who has this kind of expriences, who can told you that your primary approach to the case will be irrelevant unless you design your project in a certain way?