Business Software Selection & Implementation
Business Software Selection & Implementation
Selecting a business software that fits best to your organization is challenging and mostly tricky job. It requires deep understanding of business operations and practical knowledge of ERP, CRM softwares.
According to IDC reports, an average company use around 50 different softwares to run the organisation and solve its daily business problems.

Unifying and streamlining corporate infrastructures is one the most difficult challenges todays enterprises are facing.

The issue would quickly become a big riddle in the wrong hands. If well established methodologies and proofed actions are aplied, solution is not that complex.
Global Strateji has the unique ability to align business and technology.
This ability requires deep knowledge and experience of business management, operations management, employee management, finance management at one side and modern softwares, infrastructures, software vendors and their project management capabilities, technology ecosystems and a lot more information on technology at the other side.

In most of the case, we do not need an comprehensive analysis, because we already know most industries. We only need how a particular company doing its operations.

Selecting a business software is not a magic solution to every business problem. That is just a single step. Organizations needs change management, collaboration and communication platforms, corporate governence, re-organization and digitalization of business processes, innovation.

After selecting the best business software for the organization, Global Strateji does not leave the company on its own devices. Through out the implementation phases of the software, Global Strateji walk with the company by combining all of those factors into one service.