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Communication Mantras Thich Nhat Hanh highlights his six mantras for mindful communication which are as useful in everyday life and in business.

“I am here for you.…Nothing is more precious than your presence.…fresh, solid, free, and calm, and you offer it to your loved ones to increase their happiness and your own happiness.”

“I know you are there, and I am very happy. You are letting your loved one know that his or her presence is important to your happiness.”

“I know you suffer, and that is why I am here for you. ”

“I suffer, please help” Rather than suffer in silence, or seek revenge, the fourth mantra allows one to open up a dialogue with the other.

“to say ‘I don’t suffer; I don’t need your help’ is not the language of true love.

“This is a happy moment”

“You are partly right” “If you praise me, I shouldn’t get too puffed up and ignore the fact that in me there are also challenges.

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